Reliable and guaranteed assurance

Quality and performance of Assurance committee and Department

Establishment of the quality assurance committee:

This committee was founded on 2010 and the council was formed to ensure quality performance in,2010.

it was consist from :

1- Dr. Ali Hussain .  the dean - chairman

2- Dr. Ali Amer.    (debuty)  

3- |Dr. Ali Sadiq.

4- Dr. Ali Naji.

5- Dr. Maithem Naeem.

6-Mr.Ali Wafaa Aldeen.

7-  Muqdad rasheed . (director).


Department of quality assurance , accreditation programs , technical support and training:

It was consist of the following units:

1- quality assurance unit.

2- academic accreditation programs.

3- training and technical support.

4- electronic archive and data base unit.   

The vision of the department

This department attempts to have nucleus of experience for the application of concepts and systems of quality , quality assurance and accreditation programs  in higher education locally.

The mission of the department

One of the aims of this department is to instill and enhance the quality insurance in both staff members and officials of the faculty.

Functions of the department

  1. It promotes and creates culture of quality of assurance in the faculty  with all colleges of Kufa university.
  2. It establishes a specialized library of information systems for quality and performance of other educational institutions internationally.
  3. qualify and implementation of any educational programs aim to develop the outcomes of the faculty ( student and researches ).
  4. It proposes sub-committees and teams that are necessary to implement the goals and the activities of the insurance in the faculty.
  5. It sets clear-cut standards for assessing the improvement of staff members based on the laws of the university, ministry and international committees.
  6. It builds an integrated system to assess and improve the performance of the administrative officials based on certain cut-off of other affiliates.
  7. It builds a complete system of continuous self –evaluation of all the educational processes related to the faculty .
  8. It implements training programs in accordance with the needs of the actual application of quality and performance programs approved locally inside Iraq and implements programs outside it .
  9. It provides for departments , units and centers in selection and adoption standards as a starting point towards academic accreditation .
  10. It develops a plan to achieve quality programs in departments , centers and units through links between the aforementioned places depending on the specified in advance
  11. It develops detailed data and statistics for departments , centers and units in the faculty by using reports on quality assurance and performance and accreditation.
  12. It follows-up and monitors the implementation of the system adopted through continuous audit and evaluation of locations.
  13. It follows up the commitment of colleges, institutions, centers and departments to quality assurance and writes reports to the university and ministry.
  14. It ensures that the educational processes achieved in accordance with legal regulations to the certificates or others.

departments units:

the quality assurance and accreditation programs department consist of the following units:

1- quality assurance unit.

2- academic accreditation and academic educational programs unit.

3- training and technical support unit.

4- data base and electronic archive unit.  


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