Admission Unit

The task and goals

Admission unit is one of the most important academic institutions. Whereas,  it performs and proceeding manage affairs for students from admission in the college until to graduate. the other services of unit is support the transcript documents Arabic and English versions for all students after graduation from the college.
In the admission unit college of engineering/ Kufa University, there are good staff have excellent experience. Number of them are more than fifteen persons, so they have tasks and duties  distributed for morning and night studies.

Morning Study

  1. The admission unit receives the new students according to the central reception, then registered them.
  2.  The new students are distributed in scientific departments according to their interesting and transcripts in ministry examination.
  3. The students are given certification for their continuous study to the student hostel and others institutions.
  4. Official book orders are issued regarding to failed students by absence, penalty and  rejection students from education.
  5.  Watching and saving file students.
  6. The students are supported with identification card.
  7. Transporting students are processed from college to other college under specific instructions.
  8. The statistical reports and reply official orders books regarding affairs students are performed.
  9. Postgraduate orders are issue.
  10. Confirmation letters for students are issue and reply for confirming them.
  11. Transports degree in English and Arabic are issue for students.
  12. Everything regarding to managements are watching for students and staff.


Night Study
As the previous information are added to the night study, admission unit prepare to receive the new student who watching to study at night. The admission unit also do the publishing for starting register, reception students and publish the names of students who accepted in the college. As well, the admission unit distributes the accepted students in all scientific departments


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