Dean’s Word

       On the occasion of commencing of school year 2013-2014 at the first, I welcome our new students and wish a successful and lucky academic life for them and gain from their youth ambition an glow (dash) to develop their scientific and engineering level to serve our loved country.

I hope once again for our old students to enhance their efforts to improve their scientific knowledge which were gained in prior years, especially these knowledge's gained from advanced equipment supplied by the university.

Moreover on the occasion of charging me as the dean of engineering faculty, I congratulates the distinct efforts which were spent by the former dean deputies department heads professors engineers technicians and administrative to develop engineering faculty and I promise them to do my best work seriously lead that faculty for scientific and administrative growth and serve my people in blessed Al najaf governorate   

                               All thanks for Allah Lord of all creations

                                                                                                               Professor Ali Hussein Ataiwi 

                                                                                                                Dean of engineering faculty

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